Tired of guessing how to market your business online? We’ve helped over 250 small businesses in Ontario grow their business using digital marketing tactics. Let us help you design a customized marketing strategy that will work for your business goals, will speak to your target market and will fit within your budget. Do you already have a marketing strategy in place but are worried that you might be wasting your money? Use our small business digital marketing knowledge and experience to find the small differences that will lead to the biggest improvements.


Toronto Marketing Services

Small Business experts

We understand Small Businesses, the challenges and ways to overcome them. Our team has worked with over 250 small businesses in Ontario - businesses just like yours, from mom-pop shops and start-ups to companies implementing an online store. Count on us to help you boost your sales, leads and awareness.

One Stop Shop

All your marketing needs in one place, one team. We have cater services and packages for small businesses specifically, so you don't waste time looking for different services and do what you like to do - succeed.

customer service

We have a small team, and are not ashamed of this, we're actually proud of it, this way we can have a closer relationship with our clients. This makes us part of your team as well, so just like you, we thrive when your business grows.

What clients say

"I didn't think it would take off the way it really did.”

“If it wasn’t for their help, wouldn’t have the extra business. They really helped us to launch our store and bring it to another level, with a new website and social media ads.”

Steve and Piera from Steve’s Quality Meats

Piera and Steve Steve Quality Meats and Deli Toronto
Patty The Epicure Shop Toronto

"More knowledge that led to more opportunities"

“They helped us with understand how to get the best of our online presence and increase sales from that. After our meetings, I was able to better understand how to advertise our business online.”

Patty Junior
from The Epicure Shop

"Delivered exactly what I need – and then some."

“They helped me creating an amazing website and also my social media accounts set up properly, and I found followers and fans I never knew I had.”

Alex Zamayoa from Mi Casa

Alex Mi Casa Toronto
Marlene Sabor Brasil Toronto

"Great addition for our business"

“Canario helped us to identify the best marketing tactics that led to an increase sales, as well as more people know about us. Their experience with small businesses is crucial, since they understand our challenges and needs, and work around that to give the best return on investment.”

Marlene Vicentine from Sabor Brasil Restaurant



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